1. Automated Security Tests

Our security tests are automated and detect issues based on known common mobile app issues and vulnerabilities. No automated security tests can be 100% in detecting all potential vulnerabilities. At the same time, to err on the side of caution, our security scan reports may detect some number of issues and potential vulnerabilities that are in fact false positives.

2. Intellectual Properties

2.1 Usage Of Your Intellectual Properties

Intellectual properties transmitted to us (source codes, etc) will be used for the sole purpose of security testing only and will not be used for any other purposes or transmitted outside of OriginSecure.

2.2 Storage of Intellectual Properties

For the purpose of providing the interactive security testing results, your intellectual properties will exist on our servers until you issue a notice in writing to us that you no longer require access to the testing results. Once such notices have been received and read, we will endeavor to completely remove your intellectual properties on our server within 10 business days.