Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I need a security test?

Why not?

No, seriously, who is this for?

This service is for any entrepreneurs or business owners who do not want to risk the reputation of their companies over bad code written by outsourced developers or freelancers.

Is it that serious?

For most business, mobile apps are their most important interaction channel with the customers. This means that it is highly valuable for attackers to attack these apps. We don’t want attackers to succeed.

What does your security tests do?

Good question. A lot, really. Our automated security tests analyzes every single line of code at high speed to look out for bugs, potential security problems and vulnerabilities, as well as poor programming practices and patterns.

Why do you need my source code?

To do the test. And provide you with line-by-line actionable recommendations for each issue we flag out.

Some tests out there claim to not require your source code.

What they do is that they try to reverse engineer your app to spot potential issues. That isn’t as accurate or useful as knowing exactly which line of code you should fix.

So what do I get after paying you the money?


As a Founder or CEO you get to see overall reliability, security and maintainability ratings of your mobile apps.

As Product Manager, you get to see the overall estimated mandays required to remedy the issues that we have highlighted.

As developers, you get to see line-by-line recommendations how how to remedy every issue. How’s that?

Ok, I’m sold. How do I get started?

Simply visit our Tests page, add the tests you require and checkout. Our Security Consultants will email you within 5 business days with instructions for the next steps.